About Linguatrivia

LinguaTriviaâ„¢ is an online tool that allows language teachers to organise competitions within their school. The website contains interactive quizzes for students to practise online and a Test Paper Generator that allows teachers to print out a sheet of randomly selected multiple-choice questions in French, Spanish, German, Italian or English.

The competition is aimed at students in their first, second or third year of studying the language.

LinguaTriviaâ„¢ ran as a national competition open to students of French and administered by Linguascope from 2009 to 2014. Due to the overwhelming success of the competition, it became impractical to process the ever increasing number of entries. There was also growing demand for similar competitions in other languages. Instead of discontinuing the competition altogether, we decided to move the competition online to give students of not only French, but also German, Italian, Spanish and English a chance to enjoy the competition within their school!