About Linguatrivia

Hundreds of schools run the LinguaTrivia™ each year, helping stimulate interest in language learning and identify and reward achievement  on the part of students.

Here are inspiring pictures of previous participants:

Teacher feedback:

"We have found the competition very useful for our French learning as it brought everyone together, beginners and more advanced learners alike. The practice online was very useful and enjoyed by pupils. The questions were well differentiated so everyone could have a go."

(M. Hood, Head of French, Claremont School)

"Year 7s are very excited about their 'Linguatrivia'... They know a lot of vocabulary now!"

(Mrs Kennedy, Leicester High School)

"Many students have approached me asking what they could do to improve their French ready for next year’s competition. Isn’t that great?!"

(Mariana Hood, Head of French, Claremont School)

"Thank you very much for offering Linguatrivia once again, our students really enjoyed participating and found it an exciting experience. They couldn’t wait to get their scores!!!" 

(Andy Craig, Farlingaye High School)

"It has been a very successful year for us as we managed to enter almost all students doing French. We are hoping to enter even more next year!" 

(Ms C. Louot, Plashet School)

"All the girls really enjoyed the challenge of the competition and were excitedly awaiting the results. I cannot wait until next year's competition as word will spread like wild fire between the various age groups."

(Ailsa Weymes-McElderry, Streatham and Clapham High School)

"On behalf of the pupils in my class who entered the competition I would like to thank the organisers very much indeed for providing a very stimulating and enjoyable  experience for us.  We will be back next year!"

(S. Old, Head of French, Mary Erskine School)

"At a time when we are increasingly fighting an uphill battle to enthuse students about the importance and value of learning another language, this has been a breath of fresh air and very much appreciated. Merci, Merci et encore Merci!!!"

(L. Ferrari-Bradley, French Teacher, Les Quennevais School)

Student feedback:

"Linguatrivia was a really good experience for us to learn things that we wouldn’t have known. If we didn’t know a question, we might see a word that we knew and could work out the sentence from there."

(Emily and Liam, pupils at Balfon High School)